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proppant sand oil field structure proppant
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proppant sand oil field structure proppant

Date:2013/5/10 22:44:44


oil field structure proppant 
1. ISO9001:2008 
2. supplier of sinopec and petrochina 
3.tested by proptester 
 oil field structure proppant
1.Test conclution by Proptester  about 30/50
   Gongyi,Henan is the home town of refractory materials in china.our company locate between Luoyang and Zhengzhou,Shaolin Temple in sourth,Yellow River in north.Near to Lanzhou-Lianyungang Railway and the 310national road.
3.ABOUT Fractory.
   From the Nineties of last centuries until now,Our company have developed from one factory to three,the number of workers reached 520.produce 15000yons per month.
    We already built three laboratores,carry out at least 5 steps of testing during the whole producing process,from the buying of raw materials to the end product out of factory.

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